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Delivering Better Health 

At Good Day Pharmacy, we cherish the strong bonds we've built with you, rooted in our shared commitment to local, relationship-based healthcare. It's this bond that drives us to continually evolve and improve, just like we're doing with our Good DAYPACKS service.

We've been honored to provide this service free for over two years. In return, we've seen heartwarming commitment from you, our community. To sustain and enhance these benefits, we're introducing a modest membership starting June 1, 2024. This change is not just necessary; it's a step towards better serving you.

Why We Need to Introduce a Membership Fee:

  • Maintaining Excellence: Rising costs and our commitment to high standards mean we need to adapt. Your small membership fee directly supports quality and service enhancements.

  • Empowering Your Independence: DAYPACKS are more than convenience; they're a key tool in maintaining independence at home, reducing the need for assisted living through effective medication management.

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Core Benefits of Receiving Personalized Medication Strip Packaging

  • Improved Medication Adherence: 71% of patients report being more likely to take their medications on time each day, enhancing treatment effectiveness.

  • Increased Confidence: 86% of users felt more confident in managing their medications, reducing stress and anxiety around medication schedules.

  • Enhanced Independence: 74% of users experienced increased independence in their daily lives, fostering a greater sense of self-reliance.

  • Better Quality of Life: 64% of patients stated that their overall quality of life improved after using our packaging service, highlighting the profound impact on their day-to-day well-being.

Additional Benefits 

  • Delivery or Pickup: Your convenience is our priority. Enjoy free delivery with your DAYPACKS membership or visit us for a warm, community-focused experience.

  • Personal Health Advocate: Connect with your own certified Health Coach who not only assists with over-the-counter supplement recommendations but also advocates for your health. They prioritize medication refills, manage prior authorizations, and ensure your treatment is uninterrupted.

  • Timely and Accurate Medication Lists: Enjoy consistent updates to your medication list, making it simple to share accurate information with your healthcare providers.

  • Enhanced Health Options: With your DAYPACKS membership, include Over-the-Counter (OTC) products in your packs at a 10% discount on professional-grade supplements at predictable prices.

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Membership Plan Information

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  • Membership Plan: $19.99/month

  • Delivery or Pickup Options: We prioritize convenience and personal connection. Our membership includes free delivery for DAYPACKS. Prefer in-person? Visit us to pick up your DAYPACKS and experience our community-focused service firsthand.

  • Flexible Supplies: Whether you need a 28-day or an 84-day supply, or anything in between, we've got you covered. The membership fee remains consistent, charged monthly for uninterrupted service.

Do You Qualify for FREE DAYPACKS? 

If you or your loved ones find it challenging to manage medications due to functional or medical limitations, Good DAYPACKS are the perfect solution.


Qualifying patients include adults and children/adolescents living in the community who cannot independently leave their homes and need assistance with two or more activities of daily living (ADLs) or instrumental ADLs. This includes individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

As part of our commitment to exceptional care, we offer FREE Good DAYPACKS and FREE Delivery for qualifying patients, ensuring your medication needs are met conveniently and efficiently, right at your doorstep. Choose Good Day Pharmacy for a hassle-free, caring approach to your health and well-being.

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Why DAYPACKS? What Our Customers Love About Their DAYPACKS

Our customers love DAYPACKS for its simplicity, convenience, and the peace of mind it brings. From busy professionals to seniors living independently, DAYPACKS have become an indispensable part of their health routine. Our dedicated team, in collaboration with your healthcare providers, ensures that your health management is effortless and stress-free.

Complex Regimens Made Simple: Managing multiple medications and varied dosing schedules can be overwhelming. DAYPACKS simplify this process, making it easier for you to keep track of your medications and when to take them. This feature is particularly beneficial for those on complex medication regimens, ensuring everything is organized and straightforward.

Convenience On the Go: Whether you're a busy professional, assisting a loved one with medication management, a frequent traveler, or a parent organizing medications for a child’s school or camp, DAYPACKS provide unparalleled convenience. These packs are compact, portable, and ensure that you or your loved ones receive the correct doses at the right time, wherever you are.

Time & Effort Saving: Our dedicated team collaborates closely with your healthcare providers to ensure your prescriptions are accurately and timely prepared. We put in the effort behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about sorting and organizing your medications, or tracking down refills. This service saves you time and eliminates the stress of managing multiple prescriptions, allowing you to focus more on enjoying life and less on managing your health.

These are just a few reasons why our customers find DAYPACKS to be an invaluable part of their healthcare routine. We're committed to continuing to provide this level of convenience and care with our DAYPACKS service.

Prefer your medications in traditional bottles? No problem – we've got you covered. Just let us know your preference and which Good Day Pharmacy location is nearest you!

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