As humans, we have a built-in desire to connect and build relationships with others. Regardless if it is with family, a partner, neighbor, or more the benefits of connection are many:

  • Less stress: Being in positive relationships is linked to a lower production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This suggests that the social and emotional support that comes with kinships can be a great buffer against stress.
  • Better healing: Whether it’s having someone there to remind you to take your medicine or a kind ear to listen and take your...

This year’s flu season is shaping up to be a bad one. Much of the country endured a bitterly cold stretch, causing more people to be crowded together inside. The strain that has been most pervasive, H3N2, is nastier than most. And, we’re being told, the vaccine this year is particularly ineffective.

That last fact has had many people wondering if...


Part of the job of an online pharmacy is that of efficiency. Our clients expect medications for care, products for preventative care, and they need them immediately. That’s because in today’s world, many people simply don’t have the time to be sick, particularly when it comes to their professional lives. Best case scenario, a sick employee is an inconvenience, while worst case, an illness can spell disaster.

However, we’re big believers in the old saying that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We know, finding time to take care of yourself while at the office...


Centuries ago, everybody knew that the world was flat. They knew that the Earth was the absolute center of the universe. They knew that using leeches to suck human blood would cure diseases, and that studying the bumps on the skull told them more about human behavior. As an online pharmacy, we’re first and foremost, scientists. We test hypotheses and, if they are no longer accurate, we get rid of them.

A large part of learning is examining things that everybody knows are true and proving them correct or incorrect. Myths surround everything, and the flu is no exception. Read...


When the seasons change, there are certain things you can anticipate. As summer fades, we get leaves transforming into dazzling shades of bright color. We get colder weather and pumpkin spice flavored everything. We also get flu season, the time of year where people either get flu vaccinations sooner, flu medication later, or both, if the vaccine isn’t so great.

But there are more options available to you for fighting the flu beyond getting your yearly flu vaccination. Yesterday, we offered a few suggestions for ways to avoid getting sick, and what to do if you end up with the...


In every office, some things always stay the same. There’s always one person who eats too many donuts. Always one person who doesn’t shut the door correctly during winter, allowing freezing air to come in. There’s always one person during flu season who is annoyingly, irritatingly, not sick. How do these people do it? A desk drawer full of medical supplies?

The fact is, while you can’t stay healthy 100% of the time, there are things you can do to increase the odds of staying healthy longer, and decrease the time spent when you do get sick. Since we’re entering flu...


Fall is less of a season and more of a transition between summer and winter—this is especially true in Northern Colorado. For a few weeks, the trees turn yellow and orange, the temperature is perfectly mild, and flannel is abundant. Then, the first snow hits.

Fall is fleeting, but that doesn’t mean you can stand pat heading into winter. This short season is the perfect time to prepare yourself and your home for the colder months ahead so you can stay healthy, active, and of course, warm.

In this blog, your Fort Collins pharmacy team at Good Day Pharmacy will give you...


Colds can be a nuisance and distraction to everyday life, but they’re also an inevitable, yearly occurrence. Instead of trying to avoid the inevitable, here are a few common and effective cold remedies that will help you shed your common cold symptoms.


For those with dried out, stuffy noses, a humidifier could be a great option. Using a cool mist humidifier can bring life back to dried out sinus cavities, and help break up sinus blockages and congestion. Be sure to change your humidifier water every day, and clean your humidifier often to...


Summer is basically over, and the new school year is just about here (if it isn’t here already). It’s time to pick up some school supplies, figure out your daily schedule, and get your kids on the right track for academic success.

But if your kids are going to succeed in school, they must be healthy and safe. In this blog, your Fort Collins pharmacy team at Good Day Pharmacy will give you a few tips for starting the school year off right with healthy habits for the whole family!

Get vaccinated.

The beginning of the school year is the best time to...


One sneeze, one cough, and one handshake. This is how the widespread infection of cold and flu symptoms can invade your workplace, and can keep your from performing well and feeling your best. Not to worry—here are a few ways that you can minimize the risk of illness in the workplace, and keep yourself feeling happy, healthy, and productive.

Drink water.

Water is the foundation of life, so it’s no wonder that drinking water is the ultimate factor in staying healthy in the workplace. Drinking water throughout the day will give you more energy and...


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