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How to use Good Day Sesame Oil Nasal Spray: 

Step 1: Blow your nose thoroughly into a tissue. This will clear the passageways and ensure there is no obstruction preventing the oil from coating the nasal cavity. Administered through the nostrils, the oil coats the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and can ease discomfort and kill bacteria.

Step 2: Lie down or tilt your head back and start with one drop in each nostril. Keep your head tilted back until you feel the oil running down the back of your throat. You can either swallow the oil or spit it out. Administer this remedy up to three times a day. If the oil can be tolerated in your nostrils without irritation, increase the dosage to two drops in each nostril, but do not exceed three drops in each nostril.


More information on Sesame Oil:



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