Staff Pharmacist (Northern Colorado)

WE'RE HIRING! We are looking for a motivated Staff Pharmacist who can demonstrate our mission and core values which includes always putting the patient first! Join an engaging environment of full service, high technology and experience a wide variety of responsibilities.

So, if you are an experienced Pharmacist looking for a rewarding and challenging position, please apply today!

This position is accountable for providing the following result: To be an integral part of the team at all locations, supporting and assisting in all daily activities. The ultimate objective is to meet the needs of our customers through exceptional customer service, compassion, consistent productivity and quality work, and teamwork. The purpose of this is to define the authority, accountability, and responsibilities, reporting relationships, duties, and measures of performance for the position of Pharmacist.

Our Mission

"We believe the best healthcare is based on relationships and delivered locally. We listen, innovate, and work together to meet the needs of our communities."

Job Description

We are the most PROGRESSIVE and innovative pharmacy in the industry. Others want to join our team based on our reputation and our CULTURE OF WINNING.

The talent in our company is and always will be at an all-time high because WE ONLY HIRE THE TOP TALENT.

We have clear expectations and competencies that must be met to work at Good Day Pharmacy – WE EXPECT AND REQUIRE GROWTH from all our employees.

If this appeals to you, KEEP READING.

As a team member, you are compensated with explicit wages that accompany responsibilities and performance.

We provide a base pay rate with the OPPORTUNITY AND THE EXPECTATION for career and compensation advancement.

WE HAVE A MISSION TO PROVIDE THE BEST HEALTHCARE and that means our employees are always looking to improve the patient experience.

We recognize and reward employees that seek to solve problems and bring more value to the company.

BONUS OPPORTUNITIES are available when the entire company is financially winning. As a company, we provide the tools and the environment to be incredibly successful. BONUSES ARE ON TOP OF YOUR HOURLY RATE and can be significant increases when you work hard as a team.

Bonus opportunities include vaccine bonuses, smart dispensing bonuses, monthly yourock employee winners (positive impressions awarded to each other), and employee of the quarter bonuses (voted best employee every quarter) where team members are invited to join leadership strategy dinners.

We want you if:

You take on the hard stuff.

You consistently contribute to WILDLY IMPORTANT GOALS, mastering the daily workflow, and identifying and acting on opportunities to improve our workflow processes.

You learn about the population you serve so that you can provide an exceptional customer experience and improve patient health outcomes.

You listen to the needs of the patient and our community to develop meaningful RELATIONSHIPS with them.

More about us:

We believe time away from work is necessary for overall wellbeing and a chance to recharge from focused, intentional work.

WE PRIORITIZE FAMILY TIME and encourage time away. Our employees earn PTO with experience and as they progress in their careers (bank up to 80 hours of PTO).

PTO, ideal working hours, and flexible scheduling allows employees to have a GREAT WORK-LIFE BALANCE. We have evenings and weekends free and provide paid time off for all major holidays.

We prioritize relationships within our team by supporting each other’s needs. We communicate, we cover open shifts, and we share our PTO. We spend time together outside of work to unwind and blend our home and work families.

The Job May Be for You If:

  • You can meet the needs of your customers through exceptional customer service, compassion, consistent productivity, quality work, and teamwork.
  • You can cultivate a positive store environment for your team your customers.
  • You pay attention to the details.
  • You have practical knowledge of computers, software, and products relevant to pharmacy.
  • You can acquire knowledge quickly. We will teach and train you on many pharmacy initiatives and bring you up to speed on company policies and procedures designed for your success.
  • You have effective time management skills and enjoy some autonomy (you can work independently with minimal supervision).
  • You are a strong communicator, you play well with others, and you can quickly build rapport with other healthcare professionals.
  • You enjoy a fast-paced environment (with unscheduled interruptions typical to a pharmacy) and can make quick, accurate and professional decisions.
  • You are organized and show initiative.
  • You can market and promote the services offered by Good Day Pharmacy. We love to build relationships with our facility partners, homecare companies, and other organizations within the community to consistently create growth.

Job Type: Full-time