Pharmacy Manager (Johnstown, CO)

WE'RE HIRING! We are looking for a motivated Pharmacy Manager who can demonstrate our mission and core values which includes always putting the patient first! Join an engaging environment of full service, high technology and experience a wide variety of responsibilities.

So, if you are an experienced Pharmacist looking for a rewarding and challenging position, please apply today!

This position is accountable for providing the following result: To be an integral part of the team at all locations, supporting and assisting in all daily activities. The ultimate objective is to meet the needs of our customers through exceptional customer service, compassion, consistent productivity and quality work, and teamwork. The purpose of this is to define the authority, accountability, and responsibilities, reporting relationships, duties, and measures of performance for the position of Pharmacist.

Position Mission Statement

To serve as the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medications, devices, and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes for our patients and communities. To ensure that the CORRECT product or service is ‘defect-free’ (All products and services "dispensed" are 100% accurate)

Job Description


· Be on time for all shifts, take lunch breaks as appropriate.

· If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, find coverage for yourself and inform your supervisor, as soon as possible.

· Treat fellow team members, external and internal customers, and visitors with respect always.

· Ensure that all patients with new prescriptions receive counseling.

· Successful maintenance of required licensure.

· Communicate information with professionalism, honesty, and integrity always.

· Demonstrate support for all programs, organizational policies, and procedures, both to senior leadership and pharmacy staff.

· Ensure that pharmacy staff is held accountable to abide by all organizational policies and procedures.

· Cultivate a positive store environment for customers, visitors, and staff always. Address areas of concern promptly and directly with those involved. Involve appropriate resources and support when necessary. (Ex. Human Resources)

· Do not allow, nor participate in, spreading of rumors or negativity.

· Is mindful that, as an employee of Good Day Pharmacy, positive representation of the company must be always prevalent.

· Customers will be greeted with a smile (even on the phone) and verbal acknowledgment and thanked for their patronage.

· Oral and written communications with vendors, healthcare professionals and customers will be of the highest professional caliber.

· Successful completion of all company training programs.

· All customer information will be held as strictly confidential and not discussed with anyone within the company to whom such information is unnecessary in the performance of their duties.

· All proprietary company information will be held as confidential.

Essential Functions:

· Act as the Pharmacist-in-Charge under the guidelines of the Colorado Board of Pharmacists. Assuring the pharmacy meets the requirements under the jurisdiction of the Board, including required texts, continuing education, narcotic register and any other such requirements.

· Assure that the quality of the service to customers meets or exceeds company standards.

· Assure that the pharmacy appearance, cleanliness, and equipment maintenance meet or exceeds company goals.

· Assure that the safety of employees and customers is at the highest possible level.

· Assist the reporting positions, as needed.

· Assure that inventory levels are maintained at their most efficient and effective levels.

· Maintain contact with the wholesalers and suppliers on the status of backorders and other related matters.

· Perform any other responsibility assigned