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How To: Women's Vaginal Cream Applicator

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Vaginal applicators serve as a tool for administering medication directly into the vagina, ensuring effective absorption. These applicators are loaded with a medicated cream or gel, prescribed by a healthcare provider, and are then inserted into the vagina. This allows for the precise delivery of the medication to the intended area. Creams or gels are typically chosen when the medication cannot be effectively administered in another form.

How To Load & Insert A Vaginal Applicator

Number one

Step One: Wash your hands with soap and water before and after inserting the applicator

Number two

Step Two: Push the plunger fully into the applicator, so that it ready to be filled

Number three

Step Three: Attach the applicator's threaded end to the ointment tube by twisting it on

Number Four

Step Four: Press the ointment tube to fill the applicator, allowing the plunger to ascend to the required level. 

Number Five

Step Five: Twist the applicator off of the ointment tube.

Number Six

Step Six: Take off your clothes to access the vaginal area and find a comfortable position. Lying on your back with your legs gently bent toward your stomach will help expose the vaginal opening. Alternatively, standing with your knees slightly bent and feet a few inches apart is also an option. Gently insert the applicator's tip into the vagina.

Number seven

Step Seven: Slowly press the plunger until it stops, then removes the applicator.

number eight

Step Eight: Wash your hands and the applicator (if reusing) thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Talk With Your Doctor Or Pharmacist

Applying vaginal creams should be a straightforward and comfortable process. If you're experiencing any difficulties using the applicator or medication, or if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor or pharmacist for guidance. Additionally, if you observe any new symptoms such as pain, burning, itching, or irritation that weren't there before using the medication, please consult with your doctor promptly.

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Quick Tips

  • Using vaginal medications can sometimes lead to messiness, so it's advisable to wear a pad after application for added comfort. To ensure optimal effectiveness, it's best to limit physical activity for about an hour following the insertion of the medication. Additionally, while undergoing treatment with vaginal creams or gels, refrain from using tampons as they can absorb the medication, reducing its efficacy. 

  • Always store the medication in a cool, dry area and keep it safely away from children

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