Enjoy a Seamless Transition


In only 60 days, you can complete the transition to Good Day Pharmacy LTC. Our simple step-by-step process provides a solution-driven service, with a customizable and dependable experience for all.

Services will NOT begin until the contract has been received. The timeline can be adjusted by an additional 30 days to accommodate any missed deadlines.


Days 1-15

The Pharmacy Introduction Call

Good Day Pharmacy gathers information, such as:

  • · First follow-up call and introduction to your personalized transition team
  • · Gather resident information
  • · The pharmacy creates resident profiles
  • · All doctors are contacted to obtain valid orders
  • · Establish and initiate communication on EMAR transition needs

Days 15-30

  • · Staff training
  • · Family meetings
  • · Receive completed resident agreements
  • · Second follow-up call with your transition team

Days 30-45

  • Continue to follow-up on physician orders
  • · Third follow-up call with your transition team

Days 45-60

Any medications that could potentially be depleted before the first scheduled refill cycle will be sent during this time period


Days 50-60

  • · A complete cycle is sent
  • · Communities using paper will be sent their first set of MARs

Day 60

Your transition to Good Day Pharmacy as your provider is complete! On the first day of the month, after your 60 days’ time period, your new cycle will begin.

There is continued communication between the long-term care community and the pharmacy.

There is continued communication between community and pharmacy during the entire transition process. Based on the needs and response of the community, adjustments can be made to the timeline to customize a solution for you

Complete your on boarding deadlines on time and receive a special incentive

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, from family nights to contacting physicians, the support you receive will never waiver.