Walk-In Strep & Flu Testing

As a trusted healthcare destination, Good Day Pharmacy is here to deliver quality care to keep our community healthy.

Think you have flu or strep? We now provide rapid testing for flu and strep from our pharmacy in Longmont. You'll receive results within minutes, allowing for excellent patient care in a timely manner. Depending on the results of your test, our Pharmacist can request prescriptions from your physician and dispense prescription medications in minutes to treat strep and flu right from our pharmacy, eliminating the need to schedule a doctor appointment or visit urgent care. One stop for a test and a prescription means you're on your way home and feeling better fast!

Walk-In Strep & Flu Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is walk-in testing covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, influenza and strep tests are not covered by insurance plans but it is highly affordable and often cheaper than a copay at an urgent care or primary care clinic.

How are the samples for tests obtained?

Our Pharmacist will collect a sample based upon the test that you will be receiving at the time. Flu tests require a nasal swab and strep tests require a throat swab.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, we accept walk-in appointments during our normal business hours but calling ahead is recommended.

Visit our pharmacy in Longmont today to get tested!