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Custom Vitamin and Supplement Packaging For Your Patients

Are you looking to streamline the way your patients receive your recommended regimen of vitamins and supplements?

Good Day Pharmacy is here to help!

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A New Solution

As you know, supplement and nutraceutical regimens are only effective when your patients take the correct doses at the correct times. Low adherence rates greatly reduce their effectiveness and supplement regimens can be complex and require unique administration times and frequencies. Good HEALTHPACKS solve that problem.


What are Good HEALTHPACKS?

Good HEALTHPACKS are individually sealed and clearly labeled supplement packs that contain all of your patients' vitamins and supplements, sorted based on your specific dosage regimen. Good HEALTHPACKS are securely sealed, clearly labeled, and ready to take anywhere! Your patients receive a personalized roll of pre-sorted supplements, along with a recyclable dispenser box. Supplements and vitamins are sorted into individual packs with clearly marked dates and dosing times.

Request Good HEALTHPACK Samples and Information

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that these packs will support adherence to YOUR specific regimen and reduce dosing errors. Take the inconvenience of selling supplements out of your office and managing the inventory - let us do that for you. We can deliver these packs straight to your office for you to sell out of your clinic, or if you prefer, we can deliver them straight to your patient’s doorsteps.

Fill out the below form and we will send you a sample pack and general information on how the process works and some general information about pricing.

We will be in touch to see if this serves you and your patients.