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Medication Made Easy with Good DAYPACKS

Managing your medications has never been easier.

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First, our pharmacy will organize your medications for you by date and dosage time.

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Next, your local Good Day pharmacist will package your medications for you in easy-to-open Good DAYPACKS, eliminating complicated pillbox setup and making taking medications a breeze.

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There are NO extra fees for this service! You will only pay your insurance copays.

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We’ll even include over-the-counter medicines and anything else you need with your monthly order.

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Good DAYPACKS are convenient, safe, and ready to take anywhere. . . home or travel.

Good DAYPACKS will simplify your life!

  • No more complicated pillboxes
  • Less trips to the pharmacy
  • Automatic monthly pick-up, delivery, or shipping
  • Securely sealed, clearly labeled, and ready to take anywhere