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Welcome to the Breast Care Center at Good Day Pharmacy

You'll find us located in the Spring Creek Medical Park at 2001 S Shields, Fort Collins, CO

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Assisting Women With Breast Cancer, Mastectomy, And Augmentation

The Good Day Breast Care Center offers a boutique-like setting with two Amoena certified fitters on staff to assist you with state of the art bras and forms, as well as fashionable scarves, hats, and other apparel. We feature essential oils, supplements, ambulatory aids, and skin care products including pharmaceutical grade compounded creams.

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Pre-Surgery Consultation

Good Day Breast Care Center staff are available for private consultation prior to surgery. We help you prepare by offering product options and information to aid in healing, including post-surgery bras, camisoles, compression tops, and foam forms. At this time, we can complete the necessary paperwork for insurance claim filing and schedule a follow-up appointment.

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Post-Surgery Consultation

Our staff are committed to providing continued support after surgery. We’ll help direct you to the resources and information you may need while offering compassion. Throughout the surgical process, and afterwards, we’re here to assist by fitting you with forms and post-surgery bras that are right for you.

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What Will I Need At My Fitting?

  • Prescription from your doctor – especially for insurance claims
  • Insurance cards
  • Comfortable top that can be easily removed. A privacy top will be provided for you
  • Time – Please allow enough time so you don’t feel rushed; up to an hour

Looking For Help With Post-Diagnosis Services?

We proudly support Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center. Hope Lives! is a nonprofit organization, based in Larimer County, that provides supportive care services that help manage the physical and emotional side effects of treatment for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Their program focuses on providing breast cancer patients with complementary care and lifestyle support for the duration of their treatment. Learn more.


Good Day Breast Care Center

Meet Our Certified Amoena Prosthetic Fitter, Terrilee Davis.

Terrilee is a certified pharmacy technician and in 2014 she joined the Good Day Pharmacy team in Fort Collins, where you can find her today. Terrilee is passionate about her work, and she looks forward to working with you as a Amoena Prosthetic Fitter at the Good Day Breast Care Center.