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Categories of Compounds

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How to Write A Compound

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Categories of Compounds

Compound Categories
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  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Estrogens


  • T3

  • T4


  • Topical 

  • Ketamine 


  • Omeprazole Suspension

  • Lansoprazole Suspension

  • etc. etc.

** Empty space for more compounds**

How To Write A Compound

Write a Compound

Good Day Pharmacy welcomes providers to utilize our compounding services. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, please follow these guidelines when writing a compound prescription:

  1. Patient Information: Clearly state the patient's full name and date of birth.

  2. Medication Name: Specify the exact name of the medication(s) to be compounded.

  3. Dosage Form: Indicate the desired form of the compound (e.g., cream, ointment, oral liquid, capsule).

  4. Strength: Clearly mention the strength of each active ingredient in the compound.

  5. Quantity: Provide the total quantity of the compounded medication required.

  6. Dosage Instructions: Detail how the patient should use the medication, including frequency and amount per dose.

  7. Duration of Therapy: If applicable, include the duration for which the medication should be used.

  8. Refills: State the number of refills authorized, if any.

  9. Provider Details: Include your full name, practice information, contact number, and signature.

  10. Special Instructions: Note any specific patient needs, allergies, or flavoring preferences.

  11. ICD-10 Code: If possible, provide the relevant ICD-10 diagnosis code.

By providing these details, you help us ensure that your patients receive personalized and effective compounded medications. For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact Good Day Pharmacy.

Provider Resources 

Good Day Pharmacy provides essential resources for both patients and healthcare providers. Our patient handouts offer clear, informative guidance on medication use and health management, while provider info sheets deliver in-depth details on drug specifics and dosing. Complementing these, our specially designed prescription pads facilitate accurate and efficient medication prescribing. These tools collectively support a more informed, streamlined, and patient-focused healthcare experience.

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