Good Day Pharmacy Ranked #1 and Best In Class for Medication Therapy Management - February 2016

Good Day Pharmacy has achieved many recent successes, including celebrating 30 years in business, and the opening of a new Longmont, Colorado pharmacy. Now the successful independently owned pharmacy chain has been identified as “Best In Class” by OutcomesMTM® for providing medication therapy management services (MTM). The Best In Class designation means that Good Day Pharmacies in Eaton, Ft. Collins (at Sprouts Farmers Market), and Wellington have each achieved the rank of top 15% of all MTM centers in the U.S. And another huge triumph for the locally owned company, Good Day Pharmacy at Heritage Market in Eaton, Colorado, is ranked number 1 in Colorado. Good Day Pharmacy Manager, Allisen Cole, and her team have helped create a successful process for MTM, escalating them to the top team in Colorado.

Medication therapy management (MTM) has become a main focus at Good Day, and is a service that not all pharmacies offer. In a volume‐oriented industry that seems somewhat monopolized by mail order “telephone” pharmacies, personal face‐to‐face service and clinical advice is not always deemed priority. Some independent pharmacies, like Good Day, are looking to turn this around in a time when quality and patient education are once again becoming important to payers. The goals of MTM are to help the patient better understand their medications, how to use them properly, and how to achieve better health because of it.

As MTM providers, Good Day pharmacists proactively identify MTM eligible patients and provide CMR’s (comprehensive medication reviews) to reinforce patient understanding and ensure coordination of care. Good Day pharmacists also provide targeted intervention which focuses on gaps in care, non‐adherence, high risk medications and cost‐saving opportunities for both the patient and the insurance company. In both processes, pharmacists are involved in making a face‐to‐face difference for patients with health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and patients using high risk medications. Again, the ultimate goal is better health outcomes for patients.

“This is an incredible accomplishment and we are so proud of the work of our pharmacy teams, and our focus in making MTM a company priority,” said Vicki Einhellig, COO and principal of Good Day Pharmacy. “Allisen and her team, as well as our Wellington and Ft. Collins teams, have set this up as a group effort, and their Best In Class and number 1 rankings are wonderful validations of their work, and is a huge honor.”

Good Day Pharmacy is an independent, family‐owned company operating under the Health Mart umbrella with nine pharmacies in Northern Colorado, and employs 133 Colorado residents. Its principals are David Lamb, Vicki Einhellig, and Nancy Lamb. Collaboratively, all three owners serve on several organization boards: Rx Plus, Independent Pharmacy Cooperative, Independent Advisory Board, and Long Term Care Network. Good Day Pharmacy participates with the Wyoming Medication Drug Program (WMDP) which provides immediate prescription help and advice on lower‐cost alternatives, and improves prescription access for Wyoming residents who cannot afford medications. Good Day also hosts internship programs and student rotations for pharmacy school students and pharmacy technicians. This year, Good Day Pharmacy celebrates its 30th year in business, providing community pharmacies and personal, face‐to‐face pharmacy service for residents of Northern Colorado.