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How To Back-Fill A Syringe

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At Good Day Pharmacy, we provide specialized syringes to aid in the precise dispensing of your prescribed medicated creams or gels. To use, simply fill the syringe with the medication, then insert it into the vagina for application directly at the site where it's needed. The clearly marked measurements on the syringe ensure accurate dosing. Vaginal creams or gels are selected when a medication cannot be effectively administered in other forms, ensuring you receive your treatment in the most effective and targeted manner.

How To Fill & Use A Backfilled Syringe

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Step One: Wash your hands with soap and water before and after inserting medication.

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Step Two: Start by detaching the plunger from the smaller syringe, then insert the tip of the larger syringe into the rear end of the smaller one.

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Step Three: Press the plunger of the large syringe slowly.

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Step Four: Continue until the small syringe is filled to the proper amount, use the plunger on the large syringe to determine the amount of cream you are putting into the smaller syringe.

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Step Five: Return the plunger into the back of the small syringe

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Step Six: Undress from the waist down to access the vaginal area comfortably. Find a relaxing position by lying on your back and gently drawing your knees up, which aids in exposing the vaginal opening. Alternatively, standing with your knees softly bent and feet slightly apart is also effective. Gently and carefully, insert the tip of the applicator into the vagina.

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Step Seven: Slowly press the plunger until it stops, then removes the syringe.

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Step Eight: Wash your hands (& the syringe if reusing) with soap and water after inserting medication.

Talk With Your Doctor Or Pharmacist

At Good Day Pharmacy, we believe using Hormone Replacement Therapy should be a straightforward, comfortable experience. If you have any questions or difficulties with the application of the cream, please consult with your physician or speak to one of our pharmacists. Should you experience any new side effects such as redness, itching, swelling, or other reactions, cease using the product and contact your doctor or our pharmacy team for guidance.

Doctor's Appointment
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Quick Tips

  • We recommend considering the use of a sanitary pad after applying vaginal medications, as they can sometimes be messy. To ensure the medication has time to absorb, try to limit physical activity for about one hour post-insertion.

  • Please refrain from using tampons while treating with vaginal creams or gels, as they can absorb the medication and reduce its effectiveness.

  • For accurate dosing with a syringe: if your prescription indicates 1 ml and you have a 10 ml syringe, simply depress the plunger to the 9 ml mark to administer the correct dose.

  • Always store your medication in a cool, dry place, securely out of children's and pets' reach, and keep it in a closed container away from heat, moisture, and light.

When using hormonal prescriptions, there's a possibility of transferring the hormone to others through direct contact. If you anticipate physical interaction, please wash the treated area first. Dispose of hormonal therapy products safely, and ensure treatment sites are covered by clothing to prevent unintentional transfer. Exposure to hormone creams, particularly in children, may lead to developmental changes, so it's crucial to prevent them from contacting treated skin that hasn't been washed or is uncovered.

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