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Compounded prescriptions is the art & science of creating personalized prescription drug plans to treat individual needs. Good Day Pharmacy has been providing customized treatment options since 1997. Our compounding pharmacies in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont service all of Colorado and surrounding areas. Compounded prescriptions can be picked up at one of our compounding pharmacies, or we can ship it direct to your door.

Individual Consultation

Good Day Pharmacy’s compounding pharmacists are available to consult with you regarding compounded medication options. Please contact your nearest Good Day compounding pharmacy for details. Personal hormone consultation is available with a flexible fee schedule. Contact our Hormone Consultant for scheduling at:

Compounds For Practitioner Office Use

Prescribers may contact us regarding compounds for in-office use.

Our Specialties

We partner with practitioners to solve medication challenges. Solutions include formulating unavailable or discontinued medications, modifying dosage form and strength, removing allergens, combining products, and improving taste.

Our most common specialties include:


We use USP approved ingredients to prepare our custom compounded formulations.

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