Pharmacy Technician

This position is accountable for providing the following result: To be an integral part of the team at all locations, supporting and assisting in all daily activities. The ultimate objective is to meet the needs of our customers through exceptional customer service, consistent productivity and quality work, and teamwork.

Strategic Work:

Through observation and participation, recommend improvements to our operations, services, and products to better meet customer needs. Maintains appropriate levels of productivity as required per the pace of the pharmacy.

Tactical Work:

  1. Answer phone calls within 3 rings.
  2. Acknowledge customers at pharmacy counter and drive-up within 30 seconds
  3. Sticker and put away drug order, help fill IOU orders
  4. Sticker, put away and face OTC inventory
  5. Complete day sheet and daily deposit
  6. Close register at end of day
  7. Update and maintain forms and documents and ensure each workstation is stocked with necessary tools.
  8. Participate in the prescription filling process such as typing scripts and counting the drug.
  9. Organize, file, and maintain paperwork to keep pharmacy neat and organized.
  10. Clean shelves, face shelves, check for overstocked items and outdated items once weekly.
  11. Clean pharmacy as needed such as shredding and cleaning countertops.
  12. Maintain adequate inventory levels
  13. Maintain return to stocks weekly to bimonthly


  1. Be on time for all shifts, take lunch breaks, observe and avoid overtime.
  2. If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, find coverage for yourself and inform your supervisor, as soon as possible.
  3. Treat fellow team members with respect at all times
  4. All questions that require professional interpretation or judgment will be directed to the pharmacist.
  5. Must be able to adapt and excel in a fast paced environment.
  6. Customers will be greeted with a smile (even on the phone) and verbal acknowledgment and thanked for their patronage.
  7. Oral and written communications with vendors, healthcare professionals and customers will be of the highest professional caliber

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