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New Vitamin D Recommendations for Older Adults and Possible Connection to COVID-19 Outcomes

Information was just released by Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing regarding vitamin D supplementation recommendations for older adults. "Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to have modest beneficial effects in older adults in reducing falls, fractures and perhaps other maladies such as respiratory infections, possibly including COVID-19. At this time, there are no definitive studies to indicate vitamin D supplementation prevents COVID-19 infection, or reduces severity of illness; however, there are studies showing an association between low vitamin D concentrations and a higher likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19. Because there are almost never attributable side effects, supplementation with vitamin D may be reasonable to recommend to most or all older adults. There is general agreement that vitamin D dosing should be equivalent to 800 to 4000 International Units daily. This dosing can also be given in combined dosing once weekly, twice a month, or monthly (using 50,000 unit dosing). If possible, vitamin D should be taken with a large meal for best absorption." (HCPF Informational Memo Number: HCPF IM 20-045, Sept. 22, 2020).