Keep Your Coworkers Healthy

With the worst flu season in more than a decade under way, employees should take these steps to avoid getting themselves, or others, sick.

  • Germy items! The areas in offices with the most germs are sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator handles, telephones and keyboards. Disinfecting your workspace on a daily basis, and washing hands after touching these items (and before eating), will help the spread of germs.
  • Wash hands! Hands should be washed before eating, after reading magazines in break rooms, after using shared office equipment, and after shaking hands.
  • Stay hydrated! Dehydration, combined with stress and lack of sleep, compromises the immune system. Keep drinking water at your desk.
  • Vitamins! Vitamins C and zinc support the immune system.
  • No touching! Your mother was right…touching your eyes, nose, and mouth gives germs direct access to the body. Make a conscious effort not to touch your face during the workday.