How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling is one of the most rewarding parts of life. However, every adventure comes with its risks, and an elevated chance of contracting foreign illnesses and health problems. Here are a few ways to properly prepare for your trip, and ways to stay healthy when you’re on your adventure.

Eat healthy.

If you’re destined for airport terminals and hotel rooms, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. But without proper nutrients, your body is highly susceptible to illness.

The key to health on the road is healthy snacking. Packing nuts, dried fruit, pouched tuna, and other healthy snacks can keep you full and energized in between travel meals, and will help you attain proper nutrients to stay healthy during your travel adventures.

Use good judgement when eating out.

When traveling, it’s important to make judgement calls about what is suitable to eat. Undercooked meat and fish pose a high risk for food borne illnesses, so make sure the meat you eat looks and smells fresh, or at the very least, order your meat well-done. When in doubt, eat thoroughly-washed raw fruits and vegetables, which are the least likely foods to grow bacteria that leads to food borne illnesses.

Drink water.

Long flights can be extremely dehydrating, especially if flight attendants are passing out tiny cups of water every three hours. This lack of water can weaken your immune system, lead to headaches and nausea, and increase the likelihood of illness that can ruin your traveling plans. Buy yourself the largest possible bottle of water in the terminal, and pack a few bottles of water in your checked bags, just in case your destination doesn’t have available, clean tap water or bottled water to drink.

Prepare for common health problems.

Travel is fairly predictable, especially in a foreign country . Odds are that you’ll be dizzy and nauseated from a long flight, or your stomach will be upset from eating too much restaurant food. There’s nothing worse than getting sick on the road and having to navigate through an unknown place just to pick up medication. Make like a boy scout, and be prepared with supplies that can help you with the most common travel illnesses, like ibuprofen, motion sickness medicine, band-aids, cold medicine, and diarrhea/constipation medicine. most importantly, make sure all of your medications fit with airport security guidelines and requirements.

Get some exercise.

Exercise will give you added energy, a stronger immune system, and a much-needed metabolic boost to help you process all that travel food. If you can’t access a gym or fitness center, try some body weight workouts that can be done in public spaces or hotel rooms.

Know your destination.

Traveling through Europe comes with a lot of the modern, western amenities Americans are accustomed to, but not all countries have these amenities. If you’re traveling to a developing country, do some research and ask your doctor about the risks and illnesses associated with eating and living in that country. That way, you’ll be specifically prepared for your travels with the right medications, just in case something troubling happens.

Wash your hands.

Airports, train stations, and hotels are crawling with germs from all over the world, so be sure to wash your hands and avoid high-traffic bathrooms and drinking fountains. If these areas are unavoidable, be sure to carry hand sanitizer to eliminate germs on the spot.

Stock up on supplies at your local pharmacy.

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