Grow Your Long-Term Care Business With Good Day Pharmacy

Grow Your Long-Term Care Business With Good Day Pharmacy

It’s true that the crux of our company mission is to offer Coloradans a pharmacy option that provides personalized attention and a premium experience. Good Day Pharmacy was founded by a trio of pharmacists who possessed an intimate knowledge of what was missing in the industry, and sought to fill that gap with a hometown pharmacy that could provide a higher level of customized care than the large national chains. However, filling prescriptions and providing medical equipment rentals is far from all that we do. As a service to the long-term care providers in our community, Good Day Pharmacy also offers consulting and medical supply services that helps these companies grow and thrive. Keep reading to learn more or contact us today!

Long-Term Care Industries We Serve

In-Home Senior Care – This is a service provided to seniors who would prefer to go on living in their own home, but need the companionship and occasional assistance that an in-home care provider can deliver. In-home care services can help seniors get to doctor’s appointments, clean their house, and remember to take medications on a prescribed schedule.

Assisted Living – People who provide assisted living care often operate standalone facilities. These are residential settings that allow those of advanced age to combine housing, medical support services, and social activities under one roof. The people who live in assisted living facilities do so for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their partner recently passed away and they’re feeling lonely in a now-empty house. Perhaps they’ve suffered an illness or injury that makes it difficult to live on their own safely. Whatever the reason, assisted living facilities are instrumental in helping seniors maintain a high quality of life even in their golden years.

Hospice Care – This is a service provided to seniors and their loved ones while dealing with advanced illnesses. Hospice care is only ever provided in a patient’s home, and rather than focusing on recovery, it’s designed to help make a patient feel comfortable and alert in what may be their last days.

Intellectual & Developmental Disability Care – Of course, long-term care isn’t only needed by those who have reached advanced age. In cases of intellectual or developmental disability, it may be difficult for individuals to live on their own without the supervision of a long-term care provider. These caretakers can help with transportation, physical therapy, socialization, and more that enhances the patient’s quality of life.

Special Services We Provide To The Long-Term Care Industry

Good Day Pharmacy has a long legacy of working closely with each and every one of the long-term care industries listed above. Because of our history in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we’re uniquely positioned to provide guidance, equipment, and support services to these companies, so that they can focus on what’s most important: caring for their patients. We can help your organization through:

Drug Distribution & Delivery – Does one of your patients need a very specific type of compounded medicine…in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend? We’ll help you locate it in a timely fashion, deliver it if we can, or make arrangements to have it delivered by another local pharmacy.

Consulting On Pharmacy Regulations – Are you concerned about compliance with state and federal regulations at your long-term care facility? Our consulting services can help guide you through the legal steps of opening and running your business so that you never have to be worried about ending up on the wrong side of the law.

Medical Equipment Supply – It’s often necessary for long-term care patients to have access to various medical equipment that facilitates mobility and a high quality of life. Our pharmacy is the preferred supplier of equipment including bathroom safety products, compression stockings, respiratory supplies, and wheelchairs to many of Colorado’s long-term care providers.

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