Gearing Up For A Healthy Fall

Fall is less of a season and more of a transition between summer and winter—this is especially true in Northern Colorado. For a few weeks, the trees turn yellow and orange, the temperature is perfectly mild, and flannel is abundant. Then, the first snow hits.

Fall is fleeting, but that doesn’t mean you can stand pat heading into winter. This short season is the perfect time to prepare yourself and your home for the colder months ahead so you can stay healthy, active, and of course, warm.

In this blog, your pharmacy team at Good Day Pharmacy will give you some fall wellness tips that will help you be more successful in winter. With the right strategies and overall mindset, you’ll enjoy your winter and it’ll be spring before you know it!

Start taking vitamin D.

Unless you’re a Colorado ski bum, you’re going to spend less time out in the sun in the winter than the summer. When the cold weather and dreary skies hit, your body might not react well to this change—spending more time indoors will decrease the amount of vitamin D you get on a daily basis, which can leave you feeling sluggish, tired, and in poor spirits.

In order to feel great all winter long (and to avoid going into hibernation like a grizzly bear) it’s important to plan ahead. Start taking a vitamin D supplement in the fall, and you’ll give your body the boost it needs to transition smoothly into the winter months.

But that’s not the only thing you need to do to feel great when the weather isn’t so great—physical activity and a healthy diet are more important in the winter than any other season because of the increased risk for colds and the flu.

Moisturize your skin.

Once again, it’s time to be proactive with your health before winter comes so you’re not left treating health issues that could’ve been prevented. The winter can do some serious damage to your skin, causing dryness, cracking, and breakouts that can kill your confidence and cause you pain.

As the temperatures dip, be sure to use lotion and moisturizer to keep your skin supple. If you head into winter with beautiful and moisturized skin, you won’t experience just drastic changes to your skin when the weather is at its coldest and driest. Plus, while everyone looks like they’re shriveling up and dealing with pain from cracked skin, you’ll be looking fine!

NOTE: Just because leaves are falling and the pumpkin spice lattes are back doesn’t mean you can ditch the sunscreen. Sunburns and UV damage can happen just about any time of the year, so purchase some face moisturizer with built-in sunscreen to protect your skin all year long.

Clean your house.

Most folks would agree that spring is the most popular time to do some cleaning and get rid of things you don’t need. However, cleaning in the fall might just be better for your overall health throughout the year. While spring is the time for outdoor allergies, winter is the time for indoor allergies. If you’re spending a lot of time in your home during the winter, and your home is full of dust, pet hair, and other allergens, you’re going to see an increase in allergy symptoms and a decrease in overall health.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that indoor air can be four times dirtier than outdoor air—so clean the dust out of your closets, clean up the cat hair, and get your HVAC serviced to make sure your journey into winter hibernation (and a lot of reading and Netflixing) is free of sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes.

Make plans for winter.

People will make summer plans all year long, preparing for beach vacations, national park adventures, and family reunions. But not too many consider their winter plans, and those people end up getting bored and ultimately contract “cabin fever” from spending too much time in the house.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the winter, even if the roads are poor or the weather isn’t ideal. Get outside for some sledding or snowshoeing, create a list of home improvements to work on inside your home, or fly out of town to a warm, sunny beach for awhile. It doesn’t matter what you do—do anything to pass the time, stay active, and defeat the winter boredom.

Prepare your home for cold weather.

All of those cracks around your windows, doors, and outgoing vents or plumbing fixtures don’t just let your warm furnace air out—they can also let cold winter air in that can make you uncomfortable in your home, weaken your immune system, and skyrocket your monthly energy bill (we’re here for your financial wellness as much as your physical wellness).

While the weather is still fairly warm, give your house a quick inspection and look for cracks, sinking doors, and cold air that’s seeping in near vents. Use caulk or spray insulation to seal these areas to keep your home warm and cozy all winter long.

This is also the time to make sure you have all of the right winter supplies. Have you found your snow shovel in the garage? Have you checked your heating system that you haven’t turned on since last March? These are things to check out now, so you’re not left uncomfortable unprepared in the coming months.

Get your flu & pneumonia shot.

Winter is flu season, and fall is flu vaccination season. Need we say more? The best way to avoid flu symptoms is to get vaccinated once per year, right before flu season hits. Head to the doctor, bring the family with you, and practice other great hygiene and health habits like washing your hands and staying home from work when you’re sick.

Get your prescriptions at Good Day Pharmacy.

You’re probably going to get sick in the winter—that’s just the way of the world. When you need prescriptions and other goods to get you back on your feet, stop by Good Day Pharmacy! With a vast selection of products and excellent pharmacy service, you’ll recover from sickness quickly or avoid sickness altogether—and with locations all across Northern Colorado, you won’t have to travel far to pay us a visit. Don’t wait—get started with Good Day Pharmacy today!