Are You Prepared for the Flu? Who’s at Highest Risk?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that this flu season is off to its earliest start in almost a decade, which is a sign of a potentially bad flu season. If you haven’t gotten a flu shot already, it isn’t too late to do so, but do it soon. According to the CDC, everyone six months and older should get a flu shot. Here is a list of people who are at highest risk for developing complications from influenza.

  • Seniors – Adults 65 and older are more susceptible to the flu due to a weakening immune system as the body ages.
  • Children – Because their immune systems are not fully developed, children are at higher risk for the flu.
  • Pregnant Women – Should get the flu shot, NOT the nasal spray. A pregnant woman can even get the flu shot during pregnancy which provides protection for herself, and also some protection for the baby after it’s born.
  • People with Disabilities – The disabled are at high risk if mobility is limited, if they have contact with a sick caregiver, or are unable to communicate symptoms.
  • Those with Chronic Health Conditions – Including arthritis, asthma or other chronic lung disorders, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.
  • Travelers – Travelers should research the current flu threat level where they are going.

Be sure to check with your healthcare provider about your specific situation and treatments.