Compression Stockings & Support Hosiery

Optimizing your leg health has never been so comfortable!
Medical compression stockings and socks are for the treatment and prevention of venous disease and deep vein thrombosis DVT, and for the management of lymphedema, lipoedema, lipolymphedema and plebolymphedema. Jobst® is the #1 Physician Recommended brand in compression stockings.

  • Jobst® Ultrasheer
  • Jobst® Opaque
  • Jobst® soSoft
  • Jobst® forMen
  • Jobst® Sport
  • Jobst® ActiveWear
  • Jobst® Relief
  • Jobst® SensiFoot
  • Jobst® Athletic

Compression Options

Jobst SupportWear – 8-15mmHg (mild compression)
Perfect For: Tired aching legs / Minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling

Jobst Medical LegWear – 15-20mmHg (moderate compression)
Perfect For: Minor varicosities / Minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling / Minor varicosies during pregnancy / Postclerotherapy

Jobst Medical LegWear – 20-30mmHg (firm compression)
Perfect For: Moderate to severe varicosies / Moderate edema / Moderate to severe varicosies during pregnancy / Postclerotherapy / Helps prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations / Superficial thrombophlebitis / Post Surgical

*We can order compression 30-40 mmHg (Extra Firm) as well as fit for custom compression stockings.


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