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BSN medical is recognized for its branded range of orthopaedic supports and braces.
With over 30 years experience in helping to prevent, relieve pain, and correct issues, FLA Orthopedics® offers one of the most complete and innovative product portfolios available. An extensive array of patents continues to distinguish FLA’s innovative products from the competition and bring more relief to the people who wear and benefit from their products.


Kinesio Tape
• Provides support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting range of motion or circulation
• Can be worn for up to 24hr of relief, wore in water, holds up during activity with heavy sweating
• Made of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes (original style)
• Made of ultra durable synthetic fabric (pro style)
• Used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, Pain, Knee, Elbow, Ankle, Shoulders, Wrist, Hamstring, Feet, and Calf Conditions
• Really it can almost be used for any part of the body.


Additional Products
• Biofreeze – Cold Therapy Pain Relief. More info here


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