Facility Resources

Our reputation is built on exceptional customer service, prompt response, personal involvement, and attention to the needs of your residents. Our comprehensive resources include:

Transition Team

When the time comes to make the switch, we make sure it’s an effortless conversion by supplying a transition team. Our team of experienced professionals, including pharmacists, nurses, technicians, and account managers, will work with your facility to establish the easiest, most cost-effective way to provide services and billing. We can even help you enhance your staff-training program.


It is important to provide state of the art technology to our customers. Good Day offers an electronic medical record option to improve efficiencies in your facility. We also allow our facilities to connect to our pharmacy system via WebConnect. WebConnect provides direct pharmacy connectivity to update patient information and expedite medication delivery, thereby improving patient care. WebConnect allows LTC facilities to order new medications, refill prescriptions, add or update patient information, or print refill reports, med sheets, forms, charts or delivery sheets. It also allows LTC facility nurses to check for food and drug interactions. Security ensures that patient information can only be seen by authorized personnel with the appropriate level of secure logon access.

Vaccination Program

Good Day Pharmacy’s staff is certified to provide immunization on site at your facility. We will work with you to set up influenza, pneumonia, and shingles vaccine clinics. Our team will bill Medicare directly so in many cases, there is no cost to the resident. More information…

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